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Welcome to the Billy the Kid Outlaw Gang's New Offical Website!
Last Updated on January 17, 2012

William H. Bonney


"Billy the Kid"

Founded In 1987

The Billy the Kid Outlaw Gang Historical Society is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to
Preserve, Promote and Protect the History of Billy the Kid, Billy the Kid Country, and the State of New Mexico.

BTKOG members visiting Billy the Kid's grave in Fort Sumner.

2010 BTKOG Campout
Photos from the 23rd Annual Campout and Membership Meeting

Who Was Brushy Bill Roberts? (NEW!!!)
An interesting look at the man from Hico, TX who claimed to be
Billy the Kid and the reasons why we don't believe that he was!

Archived Articles
Read past Gazette articles and other member submitted articles

BTKOG Historical Sites (NEW)
Click here to take an online tour of Billy the Kid/Pat Garrett Country!!!

Historical Trail Guide
An online travel guide and grid map to help
you plan your visit to Billy the Kid/Pat Garrett Country!

Billy The Kid Timeline
A historical timeline of Billy The Kid by Robert Sproull

Historical Gravesites
View the Gravesites of the people in Billy the Kids Legend

BTKOG Slideshow
NEW Photos Added
Photo's of the places Billy the Kid roamed.

Billy the Kid Book Review for Kids
A book review on a Billy the Kid book for kids done by Donna Tatting

Billy The Kid For Kids
The BTKOG supports students wishing to write a school paper about Billy the Kid.
If your paper receives a grade of B or better we'll put it on this web site for all your family and pals to see.
Send your text file to,
Billy the Kid Outlaw Gang


Some of our members recently toured the site of Stinking Springs
during their participation at Old Fort Days in Fort Sumner, New Mexico.

P.O. BOX 1281